Eat pistachios and your heart will be thankful!

Pistachios are not simple dried fruits: if we eat the equivalent of a coffee cup of pistachios a day we will avoid heart disease, our LDL cholesterol (the “bad” one) will decrease and we will play an active cancer prevention at the same time.

A chest full of health

Almonds boasts incredible benefits, thanks to their content: “good fat”, protein, vitamin and mineral. For this reason consume almonds on regular basis helps you to keep your health stronger.

Tasteful that makes good

Thanks to their content of vitamin and antioxidant, hazelnuts are the best solution against aging, from skin to cardiovascular system. Extremely energizing with around  628 calories per 100 gr. of product, they are suitable for specific nutrition in case of anemia.

Walnuts… heart and… love

Thanks to their high concentration of Omega3 and folic acid, walnuts are essential during pregnancy. They are good for the foetus and helps on regulating immune system function and hormonal equilibrium.

Your energy reserve

Pine nuts are rich in mineral and vitamin, useful to face stressful times and reinforce your immune system. They are the best partner for our wellness, improving blood circulation, reducing cholesterol and protecting our artery. Moreover, while they strengthen our immune system thanks to vitamin C, are also able to prevent muscles spasm because of their content in magnesium.

An aid for osteoporosis

Cashews help against osteoporosis, vascular fragility, joint problems and high cholesterol. They contain a flavonoid which is absorbed by the retinal macula, protecting the eyes from external aggressive agents and helping in the prevention of macular degeneration in old age.