Bio Italy Nature is located at the foot of volcano Etna, merged with the beauty of Sicilian landscape, that offers outstanding products when treated with love. We offer a wide range of organic nuts and derived. Our mission is to discover qualified and certified organic farmer, to obtain the healthier products and guarantee eco-compatible safety regulations, in order to meet market demand. While growing up as a company, we aim to offer exceptional quality to our customers as result of our philosophy “from soil to table”. Our main goal is to preserve our farming heritage, to deliver pure goodness.


We are committed to continuously train our staff and, above all, to use the most advanced technology in the selection of dried fruit and its semi-finished products. To do this, we collaborate with the leaders in the specialized machinery sector, such as BÜHLER with InGaAs extremely precise optical technology which guarantees high quality, clean and uniform products, ready to be sold in the healthiest and most natural way.

Bio Italy Nature puts together quality and taste, always with environment respect in mind. Plenty of original and typical products awaits you! The healthier choice for you and for environment!